Care Home Training Courses

We offer many CPD certified training courses that are suitable for the care sector and will help you stay compliant with your workplace training requirements. Each course has it’s own allocation of cpd time credits and can be run onsite at your premises for group bookings. We can offer each course as an individual booking for your group, or as a block booking covering many courses, please see below some of the care sector courses we have available.

  • Safeguarding:
    • Safeguarding Adults is delivered over one three hour session. The course aims are to promote awareness of what constitutes abuse and neglect, promote understanding of the different types of abuse and neglect, promote understanding of what makes individuals vulnerable, promote understanding of what disclosure and whistleblowing are and detail legislation relevant to Safeguarding of Adults.
    • By the end of this session, candidates will be able to identify types of abuse, identify when abuse has happened/is happening, understand how to report and record issues that may be witnessed or disclosed, and understand how to help prevent abuse and neglect.
  • Dementia:
    • The aims of the course are to have a wider understanding about Dementia, signs and symptoms, causes and treatment, and how to communicate to dementia patients and engage them in activities and develop strategies for intervening with challenging behaviours and communication difficulties.
  • Mental Capacity:
    • The aim of this course is to promote understanding of what constitutes mental capacity, promote understanding of the provisions of the Mental Capacity Act 2005, promote awareness of how the Mental Capacity Act 2005 relates to other Legislation, and promote understanding of the carers responsibilities under the Mental Capacity Act 2005.
    • By the end of this session, candidates will understand the 5 core principles of the Mental Capacity Act, understand the 2 stage test of capacity, understand the 4 stage assessment of capacity, understand and be able to implement appropriate record keeping, understand what is meant by ‘best interests’, understand the role of advocacy services, and understand how complying with the Mental Capacity Act 2005 promotes a person-centred approach to care.
  • Equality & Diversity:
    • Equality and diversity is a term used in the United Kingdom to define and champion equality, diversity and human rights as defining values of society. It promotes equality of opportunity for all, giving every individual the chance to achieve their potential, free from prejudice and discrimination.  On this course we also include Inclusion, which means to include everyone, no matter what their background or beliefs.
    • UK legislation requires public authorities to promote equality in everything that they do, also making sure that other organisations meet their legal duties to promote equality while also doing so themselves. In the UK there are certain legal requirements under existing legislation to promote equality in the areas of disability, gender and race. These are often collectively referred to as the general duties to promote equality.
  • Data Protection:
    • Our Data Protection Course gives learners an insight into the regulations that cover the storage and security of data in the workplace. Keeping data safe is a legal requirement and the course covers these requirements to ensure that staff understand why and how we comply with the rules.
    • The course covers the eight data protection principles as well as other relevant data protection subjects allowing compliance for companies and employees.